Maintenance Contract

At Abahsain Welding Service Department we have a qualified and experienced team of professionals which cater to repair and maintenance needs of all our product range. Equipments covered by Warranty and Non-Warranty items are carefully looked at, diagnosed and repaired with utmost precision, making sure that our customers enjoy maximum runtime of their products.

Fume Extraction Systems

Fumes can affect the health & safety of employees. Local and international health and safety legislation (such as COSHH, NIOSHH, OSHA etc) states that it is the employers responsibility to protect the health, welfare and safety of their employees. Failure to do so can result in expensive legal action, potential fines and poor employee relations.

Abahsain Welding offers everything from single welding fume extractors to complete welding fume extraction systems. We carry out planning for Welding and Metal fabrication industries. Using our calculation system we can present complete customer specific layout alternatives and solutions including costing. Installation work and commissioning are also parts of our services. Our After Sales service encompasses everything from emergency repairs to scheduled maintenance.

Calibration of Welding Equipment

Abahsain Welding offers calibration services for welding equipment and welding electrode ovens (with or without temperature controls).

We provide two forms of calibration documentation: 1) a data report detailing all pertinent information about the welding unit and/or rod oven to be kept on file, and 2) a calibration label to be attached to the welding unit and/or rod oven attesting to its meter calibration.

Calibration must be done annually and after any major maintenance has been performed. In some cases, however, in accordance with AWS D1.5, calibration is required every 3 months. The duration between calibration depends on the code requirements.

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